Craft Beer; It’s not Hipster, it’s REAL BEER!

Everyone loves a beer now and then but do we really know what beer is other than the usual Tiger, Heineken, or Guinness. To some a Kilkenny, Connor’s or even the new Guinness Bright is out of this world. However, to those who are willing to spend, craft beer may just be the thing for you.


Imagine having a cold beer that was infused with chocolate, coffee, and then aged in a bourbon for a year in a cave before being bottled and poured into a glass or even a beer that was infused with Hazel nuts to provide a lovely aroma that goes smoothly with every sip and gulp.

How about an Imperial India Pale Ale that was aged in a bourbon barrel before being bottled, at 12.4% abv, Doom by Founder’s will be sure to be one of the last drinks you have for the night.


Craft beers may sound like something for the hipsters or the rich but I beg to differ. Craft beers can be loved by all those who just love their poison. Though while the prices may seem like it will burn a hole in your wallet, you will find that drinking craft beer actually pays off in the long run. This is due to the fact that craft beers tend to have a higher alcohol content and you will even find yourself flying high after a glass of beer which could cost you on average RM35.

Where as drinking a normal tiger would only cost RM4 to RM8.90 or so depending on where it is sold but it would probably take an average drinker three to five cans of beer before he is tipsy. That being said, your liver would no doubt be processing less alcohol and crafts beer will no doubt get you higher while doing less harm to your body.

In conclusion, craft beer is for the masses and should be enjoyed by all that enjoy their alcohol. The tastes, abv, and choices of craft beers will also be a big reason why most will be fans of the craft.

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  1. Jack says:

    Dɑddy wins!? The twins declared.




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